My First Moose Hunt (Shiras Moose)

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The camp was really nice, nestled on a Lake full of trout……Way up north in British Columbia, Canada….Carp Lake to be exact…

Terrain was heavily wooded with thick blow downs from the beetle infestation from years before….Travel was mostly by boat to different parts of the lake and then to treestands….

I was with two friends of mine……We shared two guides the first night hunt… Jerry was with one guide and Ramon and Me were with the other guide..Mike……

We ferried out in two boats to our hunting area. Our stand was just off a rocky shore about 20 or 30 Yards inland.  The stand was big enough for three people and had a nice bench to sit on, but was not really good for bow shooting….I had brought my 30-06 Springfield bolt action Mauser w/ 2-7 power Redfield Scope along in addition to my bow. It was given to me by my uncle a long time ago but I never hunted with it b4. So I was happy to have a chance now. We climbed the ladder and entered the stand.

We had a view of a big open area that consisted of a Boggy field about 200 yds wide and 70 yards deep that stretched from below the stand to the edge of the woods, which was so thick that one could not see movement until the moose was right at the clearing. At around the 70 Yd distance directly in front of our stand was a tall lone pine tree. Ramon is a left handed shooter and took up a position to my right . He suggested that he would shoot any bull that was to the right of the tree and I would take any bull that showed up on the left. I agreed.  Our guide , Mike was to Ramon's right.

We had gotten to the stand just around 3:30 PM…..About 1/2 to 1 Hour later, out steps a Cow moose from the deep woods to the right of the lone pine. Mike noticed she was a dry cow… she milled around the bog  for a while eating and checking the wind. After a while she started to pay attention to the direction she came from, twitching her ears to the rear and front listening intently.

We watched her for just about 45 min as she headed toward the shore. She stopped in the middle of the bog and turned back towards the thick woods, stopping to urinate. Thats when Mike said to us "that's a good sign, she is in heat and marking the terrain". Finally she sauntered off back into the woods.

For the next two and a half hours Mike listened, cow called, and bull called while Ramon and I scoured the area for any sign of movement or sound. It was dead quiet. Daylight was fading fast and I thought this might turn out to be the only action we would see for the night. Then suddenly I thought I heard a twig break off in the distance. Mike whispered "shh... shh I hear something" Then he gave some bull calls. I looked up at the lone pine and standing just to the left of the tree was a bull staring right at us. Mike whispered "guns Up". I was sitting on the bench and used the horizontal railing to steady my shot. Ramon said he's on the left, it's your shot. Daylight had faded to dusk. The Moose was facing us at 70 yard and all I could see was the outline of his head and chest. I released the safety aimed and put the crosshairs in the center of his chest just below his huge nostrils.

With the sound of the recoil he quivered pivoted to my right exposing his broadside. I saw his back legs slump as he moved behind the lone pine. Ramon was ready to shoot if he came into view on the other side of the tree. He never appeared again but we heard a crashing sound and a gurgle that indicated it was a good hit.  I turned to Mike and he said " I think he is down!!!". We waited 30 min., gathered up Jerry and his guide and called back to camp where Tim Dewitt asked us to wait till he got there before going after the Moose. Tim showed up about a half hour later.

Tim met us at the shore where we hauled out earlier to go to the tree stand. It was dark now. The only light was from the moon and our flashlights. The sky was beautiful and the moon reflected on the calm lake water. Me, Ramon, Mike, Tim and Jerry's guide Audey , headed thru the bog toward the lone pine. The bog was so soft and muddy that I kept sinking to my knees. The guides were more familiar with this area and were able to reach the spot where we last saw the moose. After a short time I heard them yell "He's Down". When I reached them I was in awe as to how Big the moose was, even though he was probably only 3 or 4 years old and not quite as big as a more mature Moose.


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Gotta love a great moose

Gotta love a great moose hunt...especially when it all works out.  Great story and thanks for sharing.  Congrats in filling your tag on a great dream is to someday harvest a nice bull moose.

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That's a heck of a moose! 

That's a heck of a moose!  Great story Bob! My family members all seem to get moose, but as of now, i have never put in for a permit.  I guess I should start doing that one of these years... Wink

Gotta love those canadian moose hunts.  Or, for that matter, any type of big game hunt up there. It seems like every story begins talking about the lodge on a lake, and then mentions the trout fishing in there.  talk about a nice way to kill some time in between hunts!

Congrats on a fine animal!  Those critters are so big, it's amazine.  You say that it wasn't as big as a mature bull, but no doubt it was still pretty impressive!

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Sounds like a fun trip to the

Sounds like a fun trip to the Canadian Rockies.  Too bad you shot one the first day, but then again, it's great to get an opportunity and capitalize on it too.  Must have been exciting when the shot finally developed for you.  Congrats on a nice bull!


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Nice moose, Bob! Boy, that's

Nice moose, Bob! Boy, that's a good story about how you got him just when the light was fading and all you could make out were the outline of his head and chest. That's cutting it close!

I've never shot a moose, but I know I would be happy with one like that. Like you said, he's not as big as some, but he's definitely a trophy in my book.

Good job and thanks for the story and picture!


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Thanks for the comment

It was really exciting !!!

Here is another image.. click on linkk to view








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That is a nice bull. Congratulations!

That is a nice bull.  Congratulations!  I totally applaud your decision to take the first one that you saw.  Moose are hard to come by!  The 30-06 was a nice choice too.  A heavy for caliber bullet would reach vitals just about anywhere in the big animal if it needed to and the scope let you gather that last light of the day needed to make the shot.  It is a good thing that you didn’t give up and climb down ten minutes too early!


I was delighted to take my four year old bull when he showed up.  There was no way I was going to take the chance of letting him go and hoping that anther bull would come along later.  I have to wonder though - did your hunting partners tag out during the rest of your Canadian hunt or did they go home empty handed?  It must have been an ordeal getting your bull out of the bog.  Did he fall in the water or on land?  If in water how deep was it?  Did you work through the night to recover him or come back in the morning?  Did you have to pack him out or were you able to use any sort of a vehicle.  It sounds too soft for a four wheeler and not wet enough for a boat.  Maybe a sled with a harness to pull would work?  It took 9 of us a lot of effort to drag a field dressed cow moose out of the woods where vehicles were forbidden.  Your bull was larger than she was.  I can only imagine the work in the water and darkness…..

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My First Moose

Dear groovy mike,

Ramon got a nice moose also but, with smaller antlers....He also shot a black bear..... Jerry was the only one to not score.... We all had a great time fishing too, and caught lots of rainbow trout!!! Also, you would not beleive it but we caught Ling Cod in that Lake !!!!

That new Redfield Scope (2x7) was really great and the 30-06 180 grain PSP did the trick. Goes to show that shot placement is the #1 factor in making a kleen kill. An animal hit in the lower leg is just as wounded with a 338 mag as with a 30-06. But when hit in the vitals they expire quickly.

My moose ran just 20 or 30 yds and fell on land just the oposite side of the muddy bog we were watching. We waited about 45 to 60 minutes b4 crossing the bog and found him right where he fell. We came back the next day to quarter and carry him to our boat on the lake, then taxied to camp from there. What an ordeal that was. The ground was deffinately too soft for any type of vehicle to traverse, except maybe an ARGO but, I have not had any experience with one. I have seen a lot of videos showing them in and out of water, etc.

Looks like you got a nice moose there. Congrates!!!