Northern Ontario Moose Hunt

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This is a pic of my 2009 archery moose hunt up in Northern Ontario Canada, this is my third year archery hunting and I am 3 for 3 - 2007 cow moose, 2008 cow moose and I had another cow tag this year but took a nice chunky bull calf in 2009.

I was walking the edge of some logging areas when I spotted the cow moose around 150 yards off, the wind was strong but just right and I could see it was a cow, it took me around 30 min to get up close with almost no cover there were 3-4 small poplar trees around 40 yards from her, as I slowly made my way toward her I suddenly spotted a nice bull only 10 - 15 feet away I had no idea where he came from! And I realized as he put his head down he couldn't see me (I was in full camo), it took 20 minutes to go the last 30 feet every time he put his head down to feed I took another step, heart pounding I was finally in position. The bull still didn't see me and the cow had a calf with her, no one was broadside they were all feeding like machines. I waited and waited and still no broadside shot so I broke a small branch off a tree when his head was up and that got his attention he moved a foot or two toward me, the calf went broadside and I let her fly! Arrowed right thru heart, then calf kept its feet for maybe 20-30 second and then down he went the bull scared the crap out of me when he ran by me to get to the calf. And the cow I walked around 10 feet and the mother charged within 10-20 feet of me when she finally spotted me and I took off to get help to get the calf out!


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Northern Ont. Moose Hunt

Congrats on a fine lookin sure have some good eating there.


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Love those archery hunts.

Love those archery hunts. Nice moose.

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Great archery moose!!!

Great archery moose!!! congrats

Awsome!!! You can't get any

Awsome!!! You can't get any better than that

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You are to be commended on

You are to be commended on your patience in that stalk! Wow - to take that much time to go that little distance is really incredible. Your heart must have been just about overloaded to be that close to those animals for that long trying to not be detected - and thinking every moment that one of them would spook and blow your whole stalk!

Congratulations on your 3 for 3 moose kills. That's a lot of great meat for the freezer!

Thanks for the story.