Ontario Archery Cow Moose Hunt

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Well I started archery hunting in 2007 and I was fortunate enough to take a smaller cow in 2007 at 5 yards and then in 2008 I took this big cow at 70 yards. I used my 60 yard pin on her aimed high and the arrow still dropped around 8 inches and double lunged her. She barely made it 30-40 yards before she was on the ground dead. The blood trail from the 2 inch rage broadhead was unbelievable. In my 20 plus years rifle hunting I have never seen a blood trail like this one! The bull with her was massive with a spread of 55-65 inches with approx 35-45 points (both sides combined) yet his body was small compared to the cow! We took her out on an argo which overheated from her weight. This moose was taken in Northern Ontario at 60 yards with a 2006 Martin Sabre set at 68 lbs, Beeman carbon arrows with 2 inch rage mechanical broadhead.


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thats some good eating right

thats some good eating right there, congrats

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Very nice!!!!! Good job!!!!!

Very nice!!!!! Good job!!!!!

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Wow! That's a lot of moose

Wow! That's a lot of moose meat! I'll tell you, those Rage 2-blades do an amazing job at opening up a wound channel. I have seen quite a few pictures of the holes that they make and it is just awesome what they do to an animal.

5 yards - now that's "up close and personal". I'll bet a moose really looks big at that range. Now this one at 60 - that's quite a difference.

Glad you were able to connect and put her down.

Congratulations of the great hunt and a lot of wonderful meat for the freezer.