Spring Iowa Turkey Hunt

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This is the turkey that I shot this last spring. I was in the back of my land between a cornfield and a food plot full of clovers.

This turkey was hell to call him in. He was about 100 yards out on the other side of the corn. He started gobbling first thing in the morning, you know that first gobble in the morning that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, this was him.

I saw him fly down out of his roost and he was answering every time I would yelp at him. He started strutting across the corn and when he got into shooting range there was a finger of trees that came out between the corn and the food plot, which was between me and the bird. As he started to come even closer I had 6 hens come in from my left which made the gobbler stop in his tracks. I waited about 15 minutes watching him strut and chase these hens round in the corn. Finally I let out a yelp and he spotted my single decoy hen in the clovers and I think he was sick of chasing them old hens and was hoping my decoy was gonna give it up because he came shooting through the woods and headed straight for her (decoy). I didn't give him a chance as soon as he cleared the finger of woods I roasted his butt.

It was the biggest bird I have ever shot 25 lbs. 6oz./1 inch spurs and 10 1/2 inch beard. That's a thrill that can't be repeated. It's a different thrill every time.


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Very nice story. Congrats on

Very nice story. Congrats on that fine Gobbler you got there! 25 pound wild bird is pretty impressive. All of the ones I've seen around here have been around the 15-19 pound range so your is a beast for sure. The fan looks like it was in really good shape. I haven't been out turkey hunting beside one halfassed attempt this past spring. I had plans to go down to some private land with a buddy from work but hose plan fell through this year. I'll have to make a solid attempt next spring if my shoulder will be all healed up by then. Thanks for ahring your story with us.

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  Jacob - awesome awsome


Jacob - awesome awsome awsome gobbler!  At 25 pounds 6 oz he beats all of the farm raised ones I have seen in the frozen food section at the local grocer - King Soopers!  Wow - just fantastic!  I have seen some nice ones from Dad's farm but this certainly dwarfs them all.  Great hunt, great story, and a great memory - excellent job!  Thanks for sharing!



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Great story and a great

Great story and a great turkey. I have not yet taken a turkey and have actually only hunted them once or twice. I have a couple of preference points here in Colorado but I'm kind of hoping to get a chance at some in Texas when I'm there in November. From what I have seen and learned from talking to the landowner I should be able to set up on them in the brush along the field edges pretty well. This is a fall deer hunt but if I get my deer I may have time to chase the turkeys around for a day or two. I think you can kill two or three a year in the Texas pan handle but I'll have to make sure before I go.

Congratulations on yours.

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Great story and one awesome

Great story and one awesome gobbler!!!!! I haven't taken out any big gobblers yet. I have a couple jakes and a hen to my credit. Maybe this next season I can take out a nice gobbler.

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There is something special

There is something special about hitting that call at or just before daybreak and getting that thunderous response, as if to say, "who's talking to my ladies!!!".  Even though I am rather new to turkey hunting, only been out the last 4 years, and never having shot a bird, I can still say that getting that response is one of the biggest adrenaline rushes in nature and in hunting.

Great story, and thanks for sharing.  That is one heck of a big gobbler. With the other articles posed on Iowa, it looks like it's a trip might be in order to Iowa one of these days... Wink

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That is a really nive

That is a really nive turkey.  Congrats on taking a fine bird.  Yeah ya gotta love that first gobble in the morning especially if you know you are in the right spot today or atleast hope you are in the spot they want to be.  I turkey hunted for the first time this past spring for the first time in a few yaers and I forgot how much I miss the sound of a gobble in the morning with bow in hand.  Congrats and thanks for sharing the story!