Therapeutic Iowa Deer Hunt

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I have been very ill and mostly bed ridden for the past few years. Inspired by Dr. Terry Naumann's suggestion that he hoped I got out and hunt with assistance. My wife Jan drove me to our friends home in Iowa. I rested or slept in a reclining custom seat with pillows around me while Jan drove.

We had comfortable accommodations in Iowa and I got to visit good friends as well as be examined and advised by a prominent surgeon, Dr. Gary Davis. Jan set up a bird watching/hunting blind for me and when I felt up to it on certain afternoons I would drive to the blind, walk a short distance to it with my two canes and lay down or recline on a very comfortable bean bag bed/recliner set up for a short time.

Though I enjoyed watching some beautiful birds, turkeys and deer, and slept at times, I was able to take aim at a nice buck deer when he came by and flex my index finger to take the deer with a cross bow on my Iowa state disability permit.

My good friend Chuck Davis came out and dressed the deer and retrieved it and took care of the preparation and butchering for consumption. Though tiring from excitement, I found the light activity very therapeutic and it gave me hope for the future since my failed attempts at trying to get out the last two years met with total failure and severe relapse of ME/CSF and Fibromyalgia symptoms before I could even begin.

My friends took very good care of me and made sure I did not get hurt.

I am now back home, in bed and am looking forward to doing this again if I am up to it next year.


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Thats one great looking buck,

Thats one great looking buck, congtrats and good luck on your next hunt.

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Awesome story

That is one big deer to go with a real good story.Hope everything is going well for you and go get another big one this year.

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Awesome story to go along

Awesome story to go along with a great buck!!!!!

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That is a true trophy. I hope

That is a true trophy. I hope all is well and congrats on your hunt.