Turkey Hunting Photos & Stories

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Spring Iowa Turkey Hunt
Jacob Antle

This is the turkey that I shot this last spring. I was in the back of my land between a cornfield and a food plot full of clovers.

This turkey was hell to call him in. He was about 100 yards out on the other side of the corn. He started gobbling first thing in the morning, you know that first gobble in the morning that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, this was him.

A Bird for a Bird

In April of 2010, my wife and I, along with our oldest daughter, flew across the country to Maryland to take part in the ceremony of our son Kevin becoming a Bird in the Army.  What an incredible experience that was!

In March of 2011, I received a call from the Bird, telling me he was speaking at a sports medicine conference in SLC at the end of April and if things worked out, he was thinking about swinging up to Washington to spend a few days with the family.  Knowing how to lure him in, I asked if he was interested in doing a little turkey hunting while here.  He was on his way. 

Thunderstorm Thunderchicken

During college, living the fast life, I finished my finals early to catch some good spring turkey hunting and meant to pick up my uncle along the way. He came up with something important to do that evening when I passed through so he was going to drive down and meet me the next day. I arrived at his hunting cabin a little before nightfall, so I took my binos out to my favorite field to see if I could see some birds.

Hunting With Friends

Kurt has been my friend since we were knee-high to a duck. We started out as toddlers, chasing crawfish and salamanders in the creeks and fishing and hunting once we were old enough. Kurt and I have been together for every major phase of our lives. Every stupid thing teenagers do, we did together.

Turkey Time!
Marty Sup

I have been a big game hunter since I was 12 years old and then about 10 years ago I got introduced into waterfowl hunting and while that was a lot of fun and really passed the slow months in the winter after elk season was over. Nothing has come close to elk hunting except for when I went turkey hunting for the first time 5 years ago. When I went turkey hunting for the first time I was a bit overwhelmed at how hard the animal is to hunt.

True Turkey Hunters
Shannon Wood

We all look forward to spring time turkey seaon. Now that it is in we will take time off from work or doing house chores and take ourselves out into the woods and enjoy what Mother nature has offerd us so dearly. Staying in touch with the great outdoors is what keeps me going on a daily bases. Without the outdoors I think I would be in trouble all the time with family and friends. Knowing that the fact of being outdoors is just number one on list of to do things.

Late Start Memory

Sportsmen hunt all different kinds of game and I'm no exception. Turkey hunting is another sport which I ended up falling in love with but didn't start turkey hunting until later on in life.

Nebraska Hybrid Turkey Hunt (Rio Grande / Merriams)

We did a Spring Turkey Hunt with Hunt Nebraska Inc. in the area surrounding Arapahoe, Nebraska last Spring and had an excellent experience after a horrible flight in a storm from Denver to McCook. (We won't get political, but it was Senator Ben Nelson airport after he pulled off the Cornhusker Kickback so a little upchuck may have been appropriate).

Spring Double

It was early April and turkey season was opening on May 1st. The snow had finally melted away and it was finally time to start my spring scouting for turkey sign. With the landowner's permission I loaded my 4-wheeler into the back of my truck and headed up to the farm to just ride the many trails that went through the property. I was looking for tracks left in the damp areas of the logging roads by wandering birds.

The Turkey Hunter

The day dawned clear and cold as the hunter prepared to leave on his first wild turkey hunt.  His mind was spinning with visions of large tom turkeys strutting in front of a hen decoy....  Looking down from his stand in the trees, the muscles in his upper back and arms strained as he ever so slowly raised his Matthew's bow and drew the string.  Seventy pounds of pull seemed like a hundred as the adrenaline of the moment took its toll. His breathing came fast and hard and his heart pounded like the beating of wings as he waited for the right moment.