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Bad Start to a Great Hunt
Lance Jackson

I had been looking for a hunt out west for a couple of years but found them all to be too exspensive. Being a collage student working summer jobs my budget was very thin. Then one day while looking at a bunch of western game and fish websites I stumbled across the wyoming leftover antelope tags. I was over joyed to see that a. they were over the counter, b. there were alot left and c. they cost $34 each! I called my friend and hunting partner Tyler about getting these tags. We waited till the day they went on sale and bought three each.

Antelope Spot & Stalk - Sam Strikes Twice

Wyoming has many great hunting opportunities for both residents and non-residents.  However, if it is a youth hunt you’re looking for then an antelope hunt is almost ideal. Wyoming has more antelope than any other Western state... by far. When hunting, it is common to spot and stalk antelope continuously the entire day. And since antelope are out in the open, there is little advantage to getting into the field too early. So sleeping until 7am and eating a good breakfast before heading out is the norm. Add all of these factors together and you have the makings for a great youth hunt!

My first antelope buck

After living in Colorado for the last three years and with the success we had there and in Wyoming we were starting to think we had it all figured out. We were wrong of course but we were still enjoying far greater success than we ever had before back in Wisconsin. Through some co-workers that hunted a little I aquired a couple of phone numbers for some ranchers in Wyoming that we should be able to hunt on their land for antelope. Back then we didn’t plan very well and picked up the only leftover buck tags we could find. I don’t even think we had any maps if I remember correctly.

Wyoming Antelope on a One Day Hunt

Having been out of high school and away from my hometown for quite some time, I was talking with a high school buddy of mine who was fascinated with my stories of hunting in my new home in Wyoming.

Steve's First Mule Deer
Jerry Beach

It was the first year that Steve had ventured out to central Wyoming to hunt mule deer. He had gone at the invitation of Dale, a fellow worker from General Motors in Flint, Michigan. They headed out from their Great Lakes State home in time to arrive two days before the October 15 opener of the deer season. This gave them the rest of that day to get their trailer camp set up and the next day to do some scouting.

Do-It-Yourself Wyoming Pronghorn

I thought I would share a quick story for the guys considering coming out west for an antelope hunt and how easy it can be. With a little research you can get tags every year and lots of them. My dad, my son and I all drew three tags each in the initial draw but due to mistake on my part we got doe tags in one unit and any antelope in another. Fortunately we can drive to our hunting area in about 5 hours. When the leftover purchase became available we bought another 3 each for a total of 4 doe tags and 2 any antelope each.

Barry's Lucky Day
Jerry Beach

All hunters know that no matter how much they know about the game they are pursuing, how well they know their rifle or bow and how it shoots, how long they practice or how prepared they are for the hunt – there is always one factor that they cannot control – that is the mysterious element called luck. This story is one in which luck played a big part – more than once.

You Saw Them First - You Shoot!
Jerry Beach

It was the fall of 2008. Steve and his wife, Donna, along with some other good friends had once again drawn mule deer tags for an area in north central Wyoming. This was the fourteenth year that he had been out there, and he and his hunting partners knew the area quite well – at least the part of it that they normally hunted. The terrain varied from flat to rolling with lots of stones on the ground weathered by years of being exposed to the elements. From rolling, it transitioned to steeper draws and small canyons.

Thanks to a True Sportsman from Missouri
Jerry Beach

This story is about a guy named Ken who went on a mule deer hunt to Wyoming with his dad Steve, and several other good friends. Ken is really an archery guy. He is one of those who think that shooting deer with a rifle is just a little too easy. But his dad and some of his friends had been going from Michigan to Wyoming for a few years, and he was talked into going along this time, partly because he had never been out there before, and partly just because he ought to try it once.

You Gotta Love Wyoming!
Jerry Beach

  My buddy Steve’s 2004 Wyoming trip for the Mule Deer season started much like many of the previous years.

  After two and a half days of travel they reached Casper where he and the others in his party gathered at Walmart to make sure they had all their supplies.

  They filled the propane tanks in their rigs – 5th wheels and trailers - got extra water and topped off their fuel tanks.